Salsa dancing in Philadelphia


About Salsadelphia


Salsadelphia provides ways to track down the specific classes, DJ nights and live music nights you're interested in. Just click the filter links on the left-hand side of the directory. Filters make it easy to find the beginner classes... or the venues that play a lot of bachata... or a mambo "on 2" class.


Philadelphia, of course. The city that breaks on one (well, mostly).


I started keeping a directory of Philly salsa nights in 2006. Since then, the scene has steadily expanded, with many new venues and studios. The old directory became difficult to use and lacked the capacity to incorporate studio classes and special events. In September 2008, I created Salsadelphia to better meet these needs.


Because I love to dance salsa... and so do you.

"Where do I send my updates?"

Send your updates to

"Can I advertise my salsa studio or major event on Salsadelphia?"

We display ads for local salsa studios and major salsa events as a public service. There is no fee. to discuss it.

"Who's in charge here?"

Tom Boutell is a dedicated social dancer and salsa fanatic.

He lives in South Philly and builds web sites like this one for P'unk Avenue and Boutell.Com.

Tom never talks about himself in the third person.


Thanks to Lauren Galanter for her design input.

Salsadelphia takes advantage of the Silk icon set by Mark James and the Symfony PHP application framework.